"First we form habits. Then they form us."
​- Jim Rohn

                                                     1-On-1 Personal Training: 
                                                      60 minute session..............$50  (wait list) 
                                                      30 minute session...............$20  
                                     Private Classes $10/drop in 
Schedule your own weekly private class! Round up friends, family or co-workers and contact RFMobile
to secure your spot. I'll bring the workout right to you or to a convenient location near you.
Resolute Fitness Mobile proudly serves Lenox, Columbus, Saint Clair and Marine City (ask about your location!)

Want fitness classes at your school? Inquire about after-school classes on location. Bring your workout clothes and meet me in your gym, auxiliary gym, cafeteria or all-purpose room. I'll bring the workout so all you have to do is show up! Easy-peasy! #FitTeachers

​                              **Use the website contact form to find out times & availability**
             Youth Athletic Training (minimum 5 participants/18 max) $10 per person
                                       Speed :: Strength :: Explosive Power :: Agility 
                                               Male & Female athletes age 10-18
                                                  Location: Lenox Township Park
                                                             OR on-location

Open Outdoor Boot Camps, HIIT Classes
                                                    At Lenox Park - contact RF for details!